Detective Conan’s 13th movie: The Raven Chaser (Final Trailer)

A little bit late but here’s the final trailer for DC’s 13th movie: The Raven Chaser where Conan had a close encounter with Black Organization members. This was released last April 18,2009 in Japan and DVD copies will be out October-November-ish but some folks already possessed a copy.

For those who doesn’t know, DC always release a movie annually. 1st movie was released in 1997 and now reached it’s 13th movie. Every April 15th-27th of the year is their release date.

#1 Random Questions&Answers for Detective Conan

This is just simply a full of Questions and Answers related to Detective Conan and i will do this by parts posting 15 questions on each posts.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>N O T I C E<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
There are spoilers here, DO NOT read if you haven’t watched the whole series yet

1. What is Ran’s favorite color?

2. What episode did Eri Kisaki first showed up?
↘ Episode 32, Coffee Shop Murder Case

3. What is the very famous novel that Yusaku is writing?
↘ The Night Baron Series

4. On what episode did Ran first met Vermouth?
↘ The New York Murder Case (286-288)

5. What is Eri’s cat name?
↘ Goro-chan

6. Who is Heiji’s favorite mystery novel writer?
↘ Ellery Queen

7. Why does Megure-Keibu never take off his hat?
↘ Because of his scar, he got it when he saved Midori

8. What is the title of Conan’s favorite Sherlock Holmes Novel?
↘ The Sign of Four

9. What type of Porches were mentioned in the episode “The Four Porches”?
↘ 928, 911A, 356 and 986Boxster

10. Vermouth asked Mizunashi if she is a “NOC” by knocking on her motorcycle, what does NOC means?
↘ Non-Official Cover

11. In the episode Alike Princesses, how did Yukiko explained her relationship with Conan?
↘ Yukiko: “the grandson of the uncle of the daughter of the brother of my father”

12. Jodie-sensei kept on correcting Megure-keibu and Takagi-keji because they mispronounced some words. What were those two words?
↘ Police and Dying Message. Dying-u Message and Porice

13. In episodes 325-327 (Red Horse Inside the Flame), what was the name of the Poirot mystery mentioned relating to the case?
↘ The ABC Murders

14. What was the trademark of the purse brand of Agasa-Hakase’s “first love”?
↘ Fusae Brand with a Ginkgo leaf as it’s symbol

15. What plate number Shinichi said to Ran that Kogoro should have in his car and what does it mean?
↘ 55-45 which literally means “Go go Yoko”

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The Kansai-ben’s Appearances

If you heard the word “Aho!” I know who’s popping in your mind, who else but these two Kansai-ben’s, Hattori and Kazuha. They have a major roles in the DC series as evidenced by their appearances on dark contact arcs but they mostly appear on special episodes.

So here are the cases where they are involved in:

Episode 48-49 The Diplomat Murder Case – Hattori Heiji’s first appearance. Heiji appears at the Mouri Detective Agency because he heard that Kudo (The famed “Detective of the East”) hangs out there and wants to meet him to find out just how good he is.

Episode 57-58 Holmes Freak Murder Case – Heiji signs up for a Holmes Lover’s Club in hopes of running into Kudo, despite the fact that he prefers Ellery Queen. The head of the Holmes Lover’s Club dies in a suspicious way after promising to give the first edition of ‘A Study in Scarlet’, the first novel Holmes appeared in as the prize for their game. He discovers that Conan is Kudo Shin’ichi after Conan knocks Heiji out and uses Heiji’s voice to solve the mystery.

Episode 118 The Naniwa Serial Murder Case – Heiji invites Conan, Ran and Mouri to Osaka to visit after having a dream of Kudo being stabbed in the heart and killed. He shows them the highlights of Osaka – Especially the food. Ran feels like she’s being stalked, only to discover that it’s been Kazuha following them around. A dead body falls onto the hood of the car they’re riding in, a victim of the serial killer that’s been stalking Osaka – leaving the victims with a wallet pinning their wallets to their hearts with a knife. Heiji and Conan pair up to solve the murder. Heiji gave Conan his omamori(lucky charm), which then stopped the knife attack, saving Conan’s life. Heiji is shot in the belly apprehending the murderer, but refuses to let the murder kill himself.

Episode 141-142 The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Case – Heiji’s mother asked him to go to Tokyo as her proxy for the wedding of her friend since she can’t walk because of a broken bone. Kazuha tagged along because Heiji’s mom asked her to and so she can go shopping in Shibuya. The bride doesn’t seem all that happy to be married. After the butler is murdered in a closed room case, Heiji and Kudo worked together to solve the case and Kazuha is jealous of Ran, because her outfits keep matching Heiji’s. LOL

Episode 166-168 Tottori Spider Mansion Demon – Heiji gets lost and runs out of gas on the way to a mystery he was invited to solve. When Kazuha worries, he suggests that they may have to sleep outside, curled up together for warmth. She blushes, he’s clueless. They run into an American photographer, also lost. Heiji tosses his helmet at a passing car who didn’t stop, only to run into Mouri, Conan and Ran. The Spider Mansion has a history of people dying in the storage room, a former Temple to a slain Spider Demon, defeated by a Puppet Master. The victims are hung from the rafters, strings tangled around them like a Spider’s Web.

Episode 174 The 20 Year Old Murder Case – Conan figures out the answer to a riddle in the newspaper, winning he, Ran and Mouri a free cruise. A murder happens after they set sail and they discovered that there’s another detective on board – Heiji! The Detective of the West was invited to come, and given a stack of bills. He came to return the bills.
Heiji gets hit over the head and was tossed overboard.

Episode 188-193 Kudo Shinichi’s Desperate Revival – Conan was shot on the previous episode (with the detective boys) and Heiji comes to visit him in the hospital after Agasa calls him, it appears that Ran has figured out who Conan is. Conan doesn’t understand why Ran hasn’t said anything. Heiji deducts it’s because she’s waiting for him to tell her.
Kudo asks Heiji what would he do if he were in Kudo’s shoes. We don’t get an answer. During the school play which Ran was the lead princess, Heiji disguises himself as Kudo to throw Ran off track, making it appear that Conan and Kudo are in the same place at the same time. When a murder happens in the audience, Kazuha ruins this, seeing through the disguise easily. Heiji then helps Kudo with the deductions, acting as his assistant because they are in Tokyo.
After Kudo collapses, Heiji gets on the microphone and asks the audience to keep the days events secret because a murder at the school would start up rumours.

Episode 220-221 The Client Full of lies – Shizuka’s first Appearance. She does Kendo. She faces the murderer, who is wielding a katana. She stops an attack by catching the blade in her closed fan, trapping the blade and pulling the katana from the murder’s hands. She wants to know who this person is that Heiji’s spending so much time with and getting beaten up.

Episode 222-224 And There Were No Mermaids – Heiji receives a letter addressed to Kudo Shin’ichi, asking him to come to Mermaid Island, else they will be killed by the Mermaid. (In myths, eating a mermaid’s flesh is supposed to grant immortality) When they arrived, the yearly Mermaid Festival is going on, Kazuha won a sacred arrow that is supposed to grant it’s owner good luck and longevity but if you loose the arrow, you’ll receive a curse and die. There’s a murder that’s going on and during the course of the investigation, Heiji and Kazuha fell off the edge of a cliff. Heiji grabbed a branch and Kazuha, but can’t pull her up as well. She stabbed him in the hand with the arrow, wishing to pass the longevity to him, even if she should die.

Episode 238-239 The 3 “K”s of Osaka Case – Kazuha thinks that Heiji’s having an affair with someone because of all the suspicous phone calls he’s making to Kudo, asking if Kudo’s alone. Heiji invites Conan to the opening to the new ‘Osaka K3’ restaurant, because his favourite soccer player from when he was a child is one of the new owners.

Episode 263 The Osaka Double Mystery – Okita’s First Appearance in the series. Heiji’s parents invited Mouri, Ran and Conan to dinner in Osaka, which coincides with Heiji’s school Kendo championships. Heiji’s ranked 5 on his team, he’s the best fighter on his team and is supposed to fight his rival Okita in the final round. A dead body appears in the equipment room and while people rush off to inform the police it disappears. Only to re-appear in the shower room without anyone seeing it. Heiji leaves the tournament to solve the mystery. When the murderer attacks him with a katana, he stops a blow with his mobile (has an omamori on it). When the mobile is cut in half, he jumps and lands on the katana blade, defeating the murderer while standing there.

The second part. Kazuha leads the tour of Osaka this time, taking them to Osaka Castle to view the sights. While in there, they came across into five history fans on the ‘Eight Days of Taikou Hideyoshi’s History Tour’, visiting the places Hideyoshi did. While looking for Kazuha’s lost wallet at Osaka Castle, a burning man falls off the roof of the castle. His last act is to grab the umbrella Heiji is holding, giving a clue to a case from thirteen years ago that Heiji and Kazuha’s fathers are still attempting to close. Upon finding Heiji’s involvement with the case, Heizo punches him, which just enrages Heiji and encourages him to work all the harder at solving the case.

English Teacher vs Western Detective – Agasa-hakase calls Heiji and requests that he come up for a visit to help Shinichi. In the process, he accidentally stands Kazuha up, he invited her out to eat at a restaurant Otaki-han had recommended in Umeda. They visited Jodie-sensei, Ran’s English teacher, believing that she might be Vermouth, one of the men in black. A murder happens during the course of the visit, a dead body falling in front of them. Heiji notices that her accent is funny, she speaks better Japanese than she lets on. She points out that he excels at speaking english. He also pick pocketed the film she’d used to take pictures of he and Conan solving the murder.

Episode 291-293 Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King’s Palace – Heiji was invited to be involved in a game show, “Detectives East-West Challenge” versus Mouri in Okinawa. The Island’s economy hasn’t been well since the last time they went to visit the islands (Mermaid Island) so the event was held to revive the Island’s economy. A some-of-twist-of-events happened.

Episode 323-324 Hattori Heiji’s Desperate Situation! – While meeting with Kusukawa, a former police officer under Kazuha’s father, Heiji and Kazuha are kidnapped and handcuffed in an attic in an attempt to force Heiji to crack a code.

Episode 325-327 Red Horse Inside the Flame – A series of Arson fires are breaking out in Beika that Heiji was asked to help solve by Kusukawa. When Ran hangs a Teruteru Bôzu (A doll that said to be preventing the rain to come) on the window to chase the rain away from Conan’s field trip the next day, Heiji pulls it inside, so Conan can’t go and will solve the mystery with him. While Investigating, Conan and Heiji notice a striking resemblance to a famous case by the Detective with the little Grey Cells.

Episode 345 Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization – Heiji (being the proxy again) disguises himself as Kudo at a halloween party in hopes of catching the bad guys. Yukiko spent 6 hours getting the make up correct as for Conan he had something else to do. (THIS IS A MUST WATCH)

Episode 381-382 Whose Reasoning Show – Kazuha challenges Heiji that she can solve the case before he does. If she wins, they go to Takarazuka (a play). If Heiji wins, they go to Koshien (high school baseball finals). Along with Ran’s help she solved the dying message, but heiji won by solving the rest of it. Conan seeing how desperate the two girls to win showed some clue to them to solve the case but Heiji does all the blabber until he solved the case.

Episode 383 Miracle at Koshien Ball Park – While at Koshien, they received a supposedly lost cell phone but the cellphone isn’t lost, it’s a message. Unless they solve the riddles before time runs out, the entire baseball stadium will go up in flames, taking everyone with it.

Episode 406-408 Conan and Heiji’s Reasoning Magic – Kazuha asked Heiji to go to a Magic Show with her to explain the tricks to her. During the show, Ran and Kazuha attempted to save the magician when an escape trick goes wrong, After that they’re invited to dinner at the Magician’s Sensei’s house, where a murder happens. Heiji admits that he gets annoyed and has trouble concentrating on a case when Kazuha does something flirtatious, especially other guys, but can’t figure out why.

Episode 479 Three Days with Hattori Heiji – A contest between High School Detectives on a deserted island! Heiji represents the West and Hakuba Saguru represents the East but it’s not all fun and games when the teenage contestants start to drop dead. Heiji asked the pd-nim if Conan can tagged along (He is supposedly the representative of the East).

Episode 490 Hattori Heiji vs Kudo Shinichi: The Grand Deduction Battle A Flash back when Heiji was 15 and on a ski trip with his school. Murder mystery involving the story of the Yuki no Onna (Snow Maiden). Heiji and Shinichi scrambled to solve the case, without ever meeting each other while their parents try help from the background.

Ahhh I almost spent 2 hours making this. It’s hard to backlog old episodes so forgive me if there are grammatical errors. I will check this again later for some missing episodes.

Detective Conan’s Planned Ending?

This interview was conducted last October 2007 and wow 2009

In an interview that the Sankei Shimbun paper published on Tuesday, manga author Gōshō Aoyama hinted that the plot for the end of his popular Detective Conan (known as Case Closed in North America) series is ready to go, but it may not appear for a while.

Aoyama gave very few details about the ending for the popular series, saying, “I will not betray the hopes of fans.” Volume 59 of the Conan manga will be released in Japan later this month. “I don’t feel much pressure,” said the author, adding with a laugh, “isn’t it more fun just to not feel pressure at all? Instead, I write what feels right to me. I feel lucky that I’m able to do that.”

The interview conducted by the Sankei Shimbun focused mostly on Aoyama’s career and the popularity of the Detective Conan series. The author talked about how he tries to keep the series feeling original: “The manga is always interesting to me because the mysteries [in the story] let me portray a variety of genres. If the criminal is an athlete, it feels like a sports story. If they’re an actor, it feels like a stage drama. Every time I work with a different world, so it lets me draw things in a way that keeps the story feeling fresh. It’s hard, but I don’t get tired of it.”

Aoyama said the most difficult part of writing Conan was “avoiding complicated words and phrases. It’s easy to use words that confuse the readers, but then people lose track of the story.” Such complications can lead to trouble, says Aoyama. “There will be times when the story just won’t develop, and I’ll spend almost twelve hours just to get it together. Usually it takes just four.”

Conan has been one of the most successful anime and manga franchises of the past 20 years. The series first appeared in the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday in 1994. To date, 120 million volumes (tankōbon) of the Detective Conan manga have been sold in Japan alone. The manga is currently available in 22 nations worldwide, and the anime is in its 11th season in prime time on the NTV network and its affiliates. A 12th full length theatrical anime (title pending) is scheduled to hit Japanese theatres next spring, and a new live-action television drama version of the story debuts in December.

credits: aninenewsnetwork

People who knows Conan’s true identity

I bet a lot of you out there who doesn’t know this anime very well but know the story are curious about “Who are the people that knows Conan’s true identity?”

Let’s meet them:

agasa1 Dr. Hiroshi Agasa (Agasa-Hakase) is Shinichi’s next door neighbor and the first person to know his identity. Agasa-hakase uses his expertise in technology to help Conan in his cases and already made a lot of inventions for him. Most specially the stun-gun watch, voice changing bow tie, solar skateboard etc.






yusaku yukiko1

Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo, Shinichi’s parents. They heard the story from Hakase and they decided to take Conan to America because his life is in danger but Conan insisted that he should stay in Japan because he wants to solve the case on his own, and of course, because of Ran.

*Yukiko’s picture, actually that is Irene Adler from the 6th movie, the Phantom of Baker Street, holmes only girl but since Yusaku has part on the making of that virtual game, he made the main characters look like them. Hence, Sherlock Holmes – Yusaku and Dr. Watson – Agasa-Hakase.

hattori Hattori Heiji, the detective of the west and was once Shinichi’s rival. He found Conan speaking in his voice after he regained consciousness from Conan’s stun gun. Since then, the two became partners in some cases and became good friends. He is the son of the chief police of the Osaka prefectural police department.





haibara Haibara Ai, real name: Miyano Shiho and having a code name Sherry. She is a former member of the Black Organization and the younger sister of the deceased Miyano Akemi, which was murdered by Gin and Vodka. Because of her sister’s death she escaped from the Organization’s arm, she took her own drug,  and that made her body reverted to it’s childhood state. She was the one who made the drug APOTOXIN4869 that made Shinichi shrunk.


eisuke Eisuke Hondou, Ran’s new classmate and he appeared after those FBI incidents. He claimed that he has a crush on Ran and he notices Conan’s actions towards Ran is too similar to that of a boyfriend. In order to know Conan’s identity, he tricked him by telling that he is inlove with Ran and wants to take her with him in America and blurted out that he wants to talk to Shinichi to get his opinion, since he knows the two had sort of been together and is angry that Shinichi is not there more for her. Conan then firmly reveals his opinion on the matter as well as who he is. Eisuke only laughs and tells Conan he had suspected it all along. Before leaving, Eisuke asks Conan to make Ran happy.



The Phantom thief, Kaitou Kid. How he knew Conan’s identity was not given but maybe it’s because of this deduction skills also and he is related to the Kudo family.




shinichi-166 Sharon/Chris Vineyard, aka Vermouth, she is a member of black organization and is also a master of disguise, his teacher in diguising is Kaitou Kid’s deceased father. She calls Conan as “Silver Bullet” meaning the one that can destroy Black Organization but Gin and Vodka said that there’s no such thing as Silver Bullet, which can end the legacy of BO. In BO, she is the only person who knows Haibara Ai and Edogawa Conan’s true identity. She does have a guilt complex towards anyone she owes her life to, as evidenced by her hesitating to harm Shinichi/Conan and Ran in the Ai Kidnap case because Ran onced saved her life.

sd(Deceased) Miyano Akemi, aka Masami Hirota. Older sister of Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai. After completing a bank heist that was supposed to free her and her sister from the Organization, Gin and Vodka betrayed her and killed her before Conan can save her. Conan admitted that he is Shinichi Kudo when Akemi was dying. Akemi was in love with the undercover FBI agent Shuichi Akai, who she knew as her boyfriend Dai Moroboshi.



dfdg (Deceased) Hiroki Sawada, from the 6th movie The Phantom of Baker Street. Hiroki is a genius kid but committed suicide because of the pressure put onto him. He created the virtual game (Noah’s Ark) which Conan, Ran and the Detective Boys had tried until it became a life and death game.



Irish (Deceased) Irish, from the 13th movie The Raven Chaser. Irish disguised as Superintendent Matsumoto during the investigation of the series of murders. He stole the Dark Knight Helmet (which Shinichi had worn at episode 191) and Conan’s dolphin’s fin modeling clay in order to compare the fingerprints, it matched 98%. Irish respects Pisco (who was killed by Gin) as his father, so he will use Conan as a witness to make that person overthrow Gin who failed to kill Shinichi Kudo and who failed to see through Conan’s true identity. He was sniped by Chianti while showing the memory card that he retrieved.

Detective Conan Seiyuu’s

Seiyuu is the Japanese term for voice actor or actress – whether in animation, radio, dubbed non-Japanese films, etc.

As a fan of this anime series, I bet a lot of you also thinks “What does conan’s seiyuu look like?” etc. Well, it’s a good thing I came across to DC’s official website and found this :3

c01Edogawa Conan
Seiyuu: Minami Takayama

c02Ran Mouri
Seiyuu: Yamazaki Wakana

c03Kogoro Mouri
Seiyuu: Akira Kamiya

c04Agasa Hiroshi
Seiyuu: Keniti Ogata

c05Shonen Tantei! (Detective Boys)
Kojima Genta – Seiyuu: Wataru Takagi
Ayumi Yoshida – Seiyuu: Yukiko Iwai
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya – Seiyuu: Otani Ikue

c08Haibara Ai
Seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara

I didn’t found the other characters, maybe they just posted the regulars. Anyway, I <3 these seiyuu’s, the way they protray their characters are plausible esp. Kogoro’s laugh. ü

Clash of Red and Black arcs

Originally Posted last November 4, 2008.

After 11 years of airing, Black Organization arcs are the best and the recent one are episodes 491-504 that affects the main plot heavily.

I’ll just say my impressions about it. 1.) The first murder case, I find it the most cruel, brutal and sad one. Out of all the Detective Conan cases, this one struck a chill to my heart. I’ve never expected such a trick. Gosho really have done it. 2.) Andre Camel, Im totally fooled by this gorilla-looking FBI. I thought he’s a BO member, but it turned out that he has a major role on this arc. 3.) The Testament, Mizunashi Rena’s story about his father Ethan Hondou, that was extremely a sad experience. I’ve never thought that Ethan came up to such a scheme, that will save her daughter. Hondou’s are for extremes. 4.) Shuu’s death, he died in a exaggerated situation and manner which I think seems to be wrong.


Many are saying that Jodie and Shuu knows Conan’s identity. Neither Jodie nor Shuu knows Conan’s identity. I think even though with that Sherry thing, they still don’t know the whole story behind it. Oh well, there are lot of reasons why im sticking to this anime for good. Secrets to be revealed and the reuniting of the leads :]