A Divine development ♥


Detective Conan is on it’s 13th year this 2009, and never on it’s hundreds of episodes that a DIVINE development like this had happened. Im talking about our not-so lovey-dovey couple Sato and Takagi-keji <3 even on the Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story arcs, this development didn’t occurred. This was on episode 535, about the whistling man and thanks to our heroes:

Detective Boys

Our Shonen Tanteis! (Detective Boys) for making the development possible <3 Megure-keibu and company was about to interrupt Sato and Takagi again but thanks to the boys, they said that Takagi-keji just took his medicine and is sleeping so they shouldn’t bother him. And there you have it ~~~

Sato and Takagi

Sato and Takagi (2)

One reason why I watch DC for good is because I want to see how far these two can go <3