Detective Conan [Opening and Ending Themes]

We already have heard many opening and ending themes since the start of this series, so I’ve thought of listing them. I actually listed this before on my previous blog but I wasn’t able to finish the ending themes but here, I’ll diligently list them all.

OPENING THEME SONGS (In chronological Order)
Legend: Episode Number English Title – Artist – Japanese TitleRomanization

1-30My Heart is Beating Fast – The High Lows – 胸がドキドキMune ga Doki Doki
31-52 Feel Your Heart – Velvet Garden – Feel Your Heart
53-96Mystery – Miho Komatsu – Nazo
97-123Turning the Roulette Wheel of Fate – ZARD – 運命のル-レット廻してUnmei No Roulette Wo Mawashite
124-142Truth – TWO-MIX – Truth
143-167Chop at the Limit – B’z – ギリギリCHOPGirigiri Chop
168-204Mysterious Eyes – Garnet Crow – Mysterious Eyes
205-230This Love is Thrill, Shock, Suspense – Rina Aiuchi – 恋はスリル、ショック、サスペンスKoi wa thrill, shock, suspense
231-258Destiny – Miki Matsuhashi – Destiny
259-270Winter Bells – Mai Kuraki – Winter Bells
271-305I can’t stop my love for you – Rina Aiuchi – I can’t stop my love for you
306-332Lalala of the Wind – Mai Kuraki – 風のらららKaze no Lalala
333-355Until that Gentle Place I Promised to You – U-ka Saegusa – 君と約束した優しいあの場所までKimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made
356-393Start – Rina Aiuchi – Start
394-414Shining Star – ZARD – 星の輝きよHoshi no Kagayakiyo
415-424Growing of my heart – Mai Kuraki – Growing of my heart
425-437 Impulse – B’z – 衝動Shoudou
438-456100 Doors! – Rina Aiuchi & U-ka Saegusa, chorus The Tambourines – 100もの扉Hyaku Mono Tobira
457-474Ride on the Clouds – U-ka Saegusa – 雲に乗ってKumo Ni Notte
475-486Tears of Yesterday – Garnet Crow – 涙のイエスタデーNamida No Yesterday
487-490 Glorious Mind – ZARD – グロリアス マインドGlorious Mind
491-504Love in Darkness – ZARD – 愛は暗闇の中でAi wa kurayami no naka de
505-514Every Second of My Love for You – Mai Kuraki – 一秒ごとにLove for youIchibyou Gotoni Love for You
515-520Mysterious – Naifu – Mysterious
521-529Revive – Mai Kuraki – Revive
530- 546Everlasting Luv – BREAKERZ – Everlasting Luv
547- 564Magic – Rina Aiuchi – Magic
565- ???As the Dew – Garnet Crow – As the Dew

ENDING THEME SONGS (In chronological Order)
Legend: Episode Number English Title – Artist – Japanese TitleRomanization

1-26Step by Step – Ziggy – Step by Step
27-51Lovers’ Maze – Heath – 迷宮のラヴァースMeikyuu No Lovers
52-70 Romance of Light & Shadow – Keiko Utoku – 光と影とロマンHikari to Kage no Roman
71-83Summer Without You – Deen – 君がいない夏Kimi ga Inai Natsu
84-108Just This One Wish – Miho Komatsu – 願い事ひとつだけNegai Goto Hitotsu Dake
109-131Like Standing on Top of the Ice – Miho Komatsu – 氷の上に立つようにKoori no Ue ni Tatsu you ni
132-152Still For Your Love – Rumania Montevideo – Still For Your Love
153-179Free Magic – WAG – Free Magic
180-204Secret of My Heart – Mai Kuraki – Secret of My Heart
205-218Illusion of Summer – Garnet Crow – 夏の幻 Natsu no Maboroshi
219-232 Start in My Life – Mai Kuraki – Start in My Life
233-247Always – Mai Kuraki – Always
248-265On This Blue Blue Earth – Azumi Uehara – 青い青いこの地球にAoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni
266-287After Dreaming – Garnet Crow – 夢見たあとでYume Mita Ato de
288-300Colourless – Azumi Uehara – 無色Mushoku
301-306Overture – Koushi Inaba of B’z – Overture
307-328Dreaming of Tomorrow – ZARD – 明日を夢見てAshita wo Yume Mite
329-349A Light Called You – Garnet Crow – 君という光Kimi to Iu Hikari
350-375Smiling at Your Sleeping Profile – U-ka Saegusa – 眠る君の横顔に微笑みをNemuru Kimi wo Yokogao ni Hohoemi wo
376-397Forgotten Blossom – Garnet Crow – 忘れ咲きWasurezaki
398-406June Bride, Only You I Can See – U-ka Saegusa – ジューンブライド ~ あなたしか見えない – June Bride – Anata Shika Mienai
407-416The World has Stopped – Shiori Takei – 世界止めてSekai Tomete
417-424Thank You for Everything – Sayuri Iwata – Thank You for Everything
425-437I Like You Being Sad – ZARD – 悲しいほどあなたがすき Kanashii Hodo Anata Ga Suki
438-458I Won’t Leave You Alone Anymore – Aya Kamiki – もう君だけを離したりはしないMou Kimi Dake Wo Hanashitari Wa Shinai
459-470Pure Snow – Mai Kuraki – 白い雪 – Shiroi Yuki
471-486 I Still Believe ~ Sigh – Yumi Shizukusa – I still believe ~ため息~I still believe ~tameiki~
487-490Though You Say the World Turns – Garnet Crow – 世界はまわると言うけれどSekai wa Mawaru to iu Keredo
491-504Like the River Flow at the Thaw – U-ka Saegusa – 雪どけのあの川の流れのようにYukidoke no ano kawa no nagare no youni
505-514Summer Memories – Aya Kamiki – Summer Memories
515-520Go Your Own Way – Yumi Shizukusa – Go Your Own Way
521-529As My Love for You Shines – Naifu – 恋心 輝きながらKoigokoro Kagayaki Nagara
530-539Doing All Right – Garnet Crow – Doing All Right
540-561Light – BREAKERZ – Hikari
562-???Hello Mr. my yesterday – Hundred percent free – Hello Mr. my yesterday

Obviously, some theme songs doesn’t have romanization because the title itself is already english.

#2 Random Questions&Answers for Detective Conan

Im bored.  I’ll study later D: So here’s the second set for Qs&As for DC.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>N O T I C E<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
There are spoilers here, It’s up to you if you will continue reading this

1. Who are the two snipers of the Black Organization?
↘ Korn and Chianti

2. On episode 425, what is the code name of the BO’s first target of assassination?
↘ DJ. Diamond Jack

3. What is the name of the guy who wrote Shinichi about the “Wrong deduction” that he had?
↘ Hinohara Makoto

4. Who is Sonoko’s uncle that had an eye to Kaitou Kid?
↘ Suzuki Jirokichi

5. What is the name of the bear that appeared in the case when the detective boys and agasa go to the forest and meet 3 hunters?
↘ The Single-eyed giant bear “Juubei”

6. In what case does Haibara tell Conan that Gin is left handed?
↘ “Boy Genta’s Misfortune” Episode 242

7. What did the red, yellow, and white colors mean in Episode 509?
↘ Red-Fire engine, White-Ambulance, Yellow-Construction Vehicles

8. Why does Chianti have a grudge on Vermouth?
↘ Vermouth was the one who led Calvados to his death.

9. On what episode did Conan had a nose bleed because of Ran’s “special sexy shot”?
↘ Episode 411 “The Shinto Shrine Torii’s Surprising Code (Part 1)”

10. In what episodes did Eisuke Hondou first appeared?
↘ Eisuke first appeared on episodes 429-430 “The two who can’t return anymore”

11. What is the codename Akai Shuichi and Jodie used for Vermouth?
↘ Rotten apple

12. Who is “that” person’s favorite?
↘ Vermouth

13. What was Vodka disguised as at the post-Halloween party?
↘ Zombie

14. Which classroom are the Shonen Tanteis in?
↘ I-B under Kobayashi-sensei

15. Who is the soccer player that Conan admire the most, before he killed someone?
↘ Ray Curtis