Okiya Subaru, who is he?

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This post is gonna tackle about the very famous ‘Okiya Subaru’ of DC~ Many are speculating about his TRUE identity. This is what i’ve come up with what i have read but before that let me give a brief description about our character. Okiya first showed on Episode 509: Red, White, Yellow and the Detective Boys and on file 622 respectively as a nameless suspect of burning down an apartment. When Conan learned that he is a Sherlockian too, our little hero decided to let Okiya to stay on his house (Kudo’s house). Okiya was once seen that he is drinking ‘Bourbon’ which created the speculations that he has a major role on the series.

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Folks think that Okiya is:
↘ Shuichi Akai in disguise
↘ The newest BO member; Bourbon
↘ Another protagonist. A FBI/CIA.
↘ Someone similar to Akai, someone who want to destroy the organization and was told to contact conan in case something bad happen to Akai.

Gosho really is something. I myself cannot think of a concrete thought of who Okiya really is. I’m torn apart! [Good job Gosho-sama T-T] But although im not pretty sure about this, i think he is ‘Bourbon’. He has to be, BO needs a smart member. I can’t see Gosho doing the “they look like the enemy but they’re really allies” thing again with this part of the series.  He already done it twice before [Jodie/Vermouth, Eisuke/Rena] BUT then again, Conan trusts Okiya. I never saw Conan trust someone that easily and just for the reason that he is a ‘Sherlockian’.

There are so many bothering points about this guy’s identity. How did he know that Sonoko have police acquaintances when in fact it was their first meeting [File 640] and on the latest episode where Okiya is involved [Ikkaku rock, file 665] how did he know that DB often helps the police in solving cases by giving hints? which maybe means that, from these subtle hints are pointing at the possibly of him being Bourbon.

Well, folks are free to speculate about anything, even at the end of their wits.