The Raven Chaser

This have come a little bit late. I was busy and my internet connection is a retard until now ugh. -_-


This movie’s main theme is about a close contact to the BO, well it indeed had a contact but it didn’t had that much impact compare to the CRB arc. I expected more. The movies does’nt affect the series anyway so the movie is still good in it’s own way.

I was delighted that most of our “detectives”/”inspector” of the different prefectures were gathered to solve the series of murders. Namely:

1. Yokomizo Sango – Shizuoka Prefecture Police
2. Yokomizo Juugo – Kanagawa Prefecture Police
3. Yamato Kansuke – Nagano Prefecture Police
4. Yamamura Misao – Gunma Prefecture Police
5. Ogino Ayami – Saitama Prefecture Police Movie based character
6. Sato Miwako & Takagi Wataru – Beika City Police Department
7. Matsumoto Kiyonaga – Police Headquarters Superintendent


All in one package.

Anyway, when Conan learned that a BO member was among the inspectors I took note of Superintendent Matsumoto’s reaction when Ran approached him and sent regards to his daughter, he was blank and suddenly came to reality about whom is the person talking to him. I knew then that it was Irish. Well, as for my favorite BO member Vermouth, I was expecting a lot of actions from her. In the end, it was all about the inspectors and their investigation that had come up, BO action came last.

Agasa-Hakase and the Detective Boys played a major role on the movie too as always. If it weren’t for Agasa-Hakase’s trivia about the “The Beatles” lol yeah right the legendary band 5th album entitled “HELP” they wouldn’t know where the ‘real’ Superintendent Matsumoto is imprisoned. I was loling on the part xD

Detective Sato’s reasoning didn’t gave me a blow. She use most of the wits in every case unlike our very famous “INSPECTOR” of Gunma prefecture bibi1004_003

Over all, the movie is good and the 14th movie is in production already. Lots of folks are waiting for the ‘grand ending’ of the series, but im not one of them. DC fans knows that Gosho is gonna end the series ‘soon’ but I hope the soon is 3 or more years later. Come on~ Almost 14 years of staying tuned on this series, who wouldn’t miss it after it’s ending? I’ll definitely miss Conan and the other characters. Gosho feels the same way too2008-01-23_22;49;46_leehansin21 he superduper loves his masterpiece 067_gkdud1234567_gkdud1234567 there’s no way that he would end it so easily.

OVA8: Female Highschool Detective Suzuki Sonoko’s Casebook

I can’t help but to blog this OVA. So far, of all the episodes, OVA, specials and movies of this series.. this one is really something different. It’s not as what others said that this OVA is ‘bad, worst’ etc. Actually, it is plausible. Plausible because this one really struck the fans.

Who would have known that DC will be something like this?


Can you tell something what’s new on the photo?

YES. It’s not a dummy. It’s a ALIEN. LOL I can’t stop laughing over this one. Mitsuhiko’s idea was a ass-kicker. That alien even resurrected the dead man LOLL and as for Ayumi’s idea LOL she’s even worst than Genta xD (In Japanese, wan-wan is what they call for their dogs bark, unlike in english it’s arf-arf)

This OVA is not only for comedic purposes. It also shows how complex a ‘murder-case’ is done especially the trick used but Gosho and Doyle is excluded :D