Mouri Kogoro’s voice actor was dismissed on the DC series

If you can remember I posted the DC voice actors before and this post will be about one of the seiyuu in the series.

Kamiya Akira, the voice actor of Mouri Kogoro, was dismissed 2 months ago on the series as a seiyuu. According to Akira’s official blog site he said that “There was an issue on the contract. It’s a matter of faith, justice and sincerity” and that he’s the only one to blame.

According to Mainichi News, the reason for the dismissal was a discord between the anime producer and Kamiya Akira regarding the guarantee fee. Kamiya has been negotiating with TV companies and the anime producers to raise the guarantee fees of seiyuu, whose salaries are significantly lower than those of the normal actors. Yomiuri TV, the producer of Detective Conan, was perplexed with Kamiya’s premature disclosure because they were planning to announce the change of the voice actor in Weekly Shounen Sunday to be released on October 28th.

Kamiya Akira explained the reason in his blog. One of the staff of the production company leaked confidential information of Kamiya’s contract with the producer in a blog (probably mixi) and defamed him. Kamiya and the producer were about to reach an agreement but the negotiation broke off due to the leak, which was distorted with ill intention. Kamiya asked a man to intervene but the producers fired him in the end.

Kamiya then offered his apologies to all of the fans for this turn of fortune. He also offered his apologies to the manga creator Gosho Aoyama, lead voice actress Minami Takayama (Conan Edogawa), voice actress Wakana Yamazaki (Ran Mouri), voice actor Kenichi Ogata (Hiroshi Agasa), the other members of the cast, the staff of APU Studio, the YTV network, and the publisher Shogakukan. Kamiya begged fans to keep supporting Detective Conan.

He was the seiyuu of Mouri Kogoro since the start of the series until October 10th 2009. As a fan of DC, without him voicing out Kogoro, there will be always the feeling of nostalgia and it will be long enough to get used to it.

The new voice actor of Mouri Kogoro is Koyama Rikiya, although he sounds a little bit like the original Kogoro ~ it’s still not the best.

Credits: dtshyk + ANN