Detective Conan latest episode as of 01/12/11

My first DC update after a year! phew.

Who knew that this anime would drag so long for 14 years? Well, no one actually knew. Even Gosho himself didn’t expected this anime to run for this long.

For an anime, this has been truly airing for SO LONG but i’m not complaining or getting tired by it, Im actually wanting more and more! Hundreds or even a thousand of episodes until their brain cells can’t produce any information at all, LOL Gosho is already getting old, Im hoping that he won’t end this anime drastically.

Going back to the topic, we currently have 603 episodes of Detective Conan! That’s a lot isn’t it? If im new to this anime, I would definitely NOT going to watch it anymore. That would be too much for me lol

This is the updated list of DC episode guide. Make use of it well!  Detective Conan complete episode guide ^^