Detective Conan: Movie 15

Oh well, we are already in our 15th year of Detective Conan legacy and they never failed to give us a kickass movie anually!

Here is the 15th Movie for Detective Conan that will air in Japan on April 16, 2011 entitled Quarter of Silence.

The story begins with a threat against the Tokyo governor, Asakura. The letter threatens to blow up the newly opened and municipally‐owned subway tunnel the following day but thanks to Conan, after he heard about the warning letter from Kogorou, he managed to prevent and stop the explosion and no casualties noted.

Conan and the gang went and investigated Niigata Prefecture where a dam was built when Asakura was still the Minister of Transport.  There might be where the culprit lies!

Manga: Student x Teacher Relationship genre


Added more series to the list! Well, to be exact, I started visiting scanlators’ website to check their projects and i’m glad I did cause I was able to discover more series that aren’t up in manga readers/sources online!

I started with Chibi Manga which I bet all of you have heard of cause they’re dominating the projects for Shoujo. They’re pretty much active with releases especially when it comes to new mangas however IMO, it would be better if the team will focus on the releases of their ongoing and famous mangas like Momoiro Heaven, Ao Haru Ride and many more. Though I don’t have any complains! In fact, they’re one of the favorites scanlators out there :)

Guys, do you know that they have their own online reader? Check CM Online Reader out to see their huge collection of translated mangas and you won’t regret it! I’m still in the process of reading all of them and up next on my scanlator traget list, Aerandria!

PS: I changed this blog’s theme to a refreshing look! tehee.


I’ve decided to the re-do the list and separate SxT genre to Older Male – Younger Female genre as they does not fall in the same category although they have similarities with regards to the age gap. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!

UPDATE: JUNE 6, 2013

UPDATE: MARCH 15, 2013

Added a few more sxt mangas! Do not forget to visit our scanlators website! Enjoy :)

(I just noticed that I update yearly and always on march lol)

UPDATE: MARCH 30, 2012.

YES. IM STILL ALIVE.I’ve noticed that the most viewed entry in my blog is this one, so i pinned it and decided to update after so long!

The glitch is.. for some of these mangas, are not being updated anymore so it’s up to you if you’re gonna read them or not, just don’t complain as to why they’re on hiatus. Be grateful to our scanlator groups :)

I’ve only added the ones that are worth reading and the rest that I can think of are not SxT but Shoujo, School life manga so that will be my next target.  Shoujo recommendations coming~~~~!


Yes. Of all the genre’s available there in manga, SxT is my favorite. Well, first of all, if it were to happen in real life it’s really disturbing. I will not dig deep into it as everyone knows that this kind of relationship is taboo but in manga, it’s full of fiction where anyone can enjoy reading it without the struggle of the mangaka to give a malicious notion.

The reason why I liked this genre is because it’s heartwarming, exciting, mysterious and fun! I cant find the words to describe it but to put it simply, it makes my heart throb.

I have read tons of SxT out there and prolly, they’re all my favorite because SxT only surmise 10-15% of the manga genre population. I made this thread for the list of my favorite SxT and I hope you could try them out and let me hear your opinion!

>These mangas have SMUT scenes. Parental Guidance is Advised! R-18.
>Baka-manga updates credits for the descriptions and cover photos.



Faster than a kiss / キスよりも早: Kiss Yori mo Hayaku
Mangaka: Tanaka Meca
Groups Scanlating: Azakurahime
Status: Completed / 57 Chapters
Summary: After losing their parents, Fumino and her brother hop from one relative to another. Getting tired of all those moves, she finally decides to quit school and work to support her brother on her own. As they sat on a park bench, her teacher appears in front of her and agrees to her demands of marrying and supporting both her and her brother!! Is he serious or just playing around…?!

Blogger’s Note: I just have to let you know that this is my Top 1 SxT manga! Its so cute and lovey! And the fact that I have a thing for guys with glasses, this one just have to be it! but if you are waiting for something so “lovey” to see, you you should have lots of patience in reading this because the mangaka likes to tease us and she’s dragging it so long but nonetheless, its still my favorite! I can wait <3

7 Jikanme Rhapsody 7 Jikanme Rhapsody / 第七节课的狂想曲: 7th Period Rhapsody
Mangaka: Tanaka Meca
Groups Scanlating: Esthetique
Status: One-shot Complete / 3 Chapters + 1 extra
Summary: Toudou Rinko is a serious and reliable class representative, now in 2nd year of high school. It happens that the first male person she starts to notice is her homeroom teacher, Saku Makoto. She ends up helping the nonchalant and playful teacher with his “Love Guidance Room”.



Chocolate CosmosChocolate Cosmos / チョコレートコスモス
Mangaka: Haruta Nana
Groups Scanlating: Rebellious Love
Status: Complete / 16 Chapters
Summary: Sakurai Sayuki was born with sharp eyes that make her look like she’s always angry, even though she’s not. Because of her looks, students around her misunderstand her as a bully and scary girl when in fact she’s “a romantic”. After 15 years without a boyfriend, she started off her high school year with hopes of love..




Houkago, Sensei to Koi ni Ochiru Houkago, Sensei to Koi ni Ochiru / 放課後、先生と恋に堕ちる
Mangaka: Aikawa Saki
Groups Scanlating: Chibi manga
Status: One-shot Complete / 1 Volume
Summary: Nozomi lied about her age and is working part time. She was in an extreme bind when she was seen by Sawamura Sensei! But sensei permitted Nozomi to work there. This is the beginning of a secret relation with sensei. When Nozomi is with sensei her heart beats faster. Is this sensation… what you call love? But is the reason why sensei is so nice to her because she’s his student..!?


Akuma na Kuchibiru
Akuma na Kuchibiru / 悪魔なクチビル
Mangaka: Miura Hikaru
Groups Scanlating: Midnight scans
Status: One-shot Complete / 1 Chapter
Summary: Hana Yamada, a high school girl, gets sick during a mixer, and is rescued by a very cool male student, who was casually passing by. However, when he suddenly asks her if she’s an elementary student, Hana becomes very angry and kicks him, before running away. The next day, when Hana goes to the nurse’s office, she finds none other than the very boy who’d made her angry, Shuuji Kidou..



Help!! Help!! / ヘルプ!!
Mangaka: Fujiwara Kiyo
Groups Scanlating: Saigo no Shou
Status: One-shot complete / 6 Chapters
Summary: Kousaka Shin always dreamed of becoming a doctor. Although she’s a cry baby, a scaredy cat, a baby-face, and only an A-Cup, she is dedicated and passionate about pursuing her goals. When her teacher, Abe-sensei, tells her that she’s unsuited for becoming a doctor, she tries her best to work harder. Then Shin finds out that her sensei lives right next door?! Will Shin ever become a doctor?


Otona no Jikan Otona no Jikan / おとなの時間: Adult Time
Mangaka: Yamada Komomo
Groups Scanlating: Lovers Dream
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Alone and dumped outside of a love hotel, Mitsuka finds herself caught by the last person she wants to see–her school counselor and teacher, Kaga-sensei! Instead of turning her in, Kaga-sensei wants an interview. It turns out he’s an erotic novelist, and he’s looking for just the right dose of high school girl reality for his latest work. Kaga makes it clear their relationship is strictly business, but can Mitsuka keep it that way when she’s falling for her teacher?


Love lesson Love / 禁断部落格
Mangaka: Yuuhi Ryuu
Groups Scanlating: Covenant of Darkness
Status: One-shot Complete / 2nd Chapter
Summary: Hana is a high school student who doesn’t believe in love because of several things that happened in her family. But even though she doesn’t believe in love, Hana has written a blog, “SAKURA,” an online romance journal. The theme is forbidden love between a teacher and his student! The blog is filled with sex scenes, intense expressions of love, and it has gotten everyone infatuated with it! But nobody knows that Hana has written it. It’s a secret, and she plans on keeping it this way… so what will happen when she is found out by her hot and popular teacher!?


Melodramatic Melody Melodramatic Library
Mangaka: Mitsuki Kako
Groups Scanlating: Midnight scans
Status: One-shot Complete / 1 Chapter
Summary: A teacher at Kanae’s school has been fired for having an affair with a student. Then, a hot new librarian comes in… Kanae falls in love with the new librarian. However, she sees a ring on his finger…?





Daisuki datta yo senseiDaisuki Datta yo, Sensei…
Mangaka: Shiraishi Yuki
Groups Scanlating: Chibi Manga, Intercross and Shoujo Crusade
Status: One-shot Complete / 2 Chapters
Summary: A girl whom experienced unsuccessful “threads” of love with her teacher, encounters her fated personA girl whom experienced unsuccessful “threads” of love with her teacher, encounters her fated person!? A very kind, dramatic love!!?





Sensei Kiite Yo

Sensei, Kiite yo
Mangaka: Makita Nao
Groups Scanlating: Chibi Manga, Kawaii Corner
Status: Completed
Summary: Uta thought that her homeroom teacher was a geek, but she saw him when he was dressed differently. Sensei was actually a handsome rock-n-roll singer!? Since Uta had always wanted to have a boyfriend, she threatened him to “go out with her” and she wouldn’t tell anyone his secret! but she ends up really falling in love with her teacher..!?



Sensei wa Ore no Mono
Mangaka: Mie / Chika
Groups Scanlating: CoyoMoose & HaruHime
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Third-year high school student Tachibana Kyou’s world is shaken when a green-horn nurse suddenly arrives at his exclusively male school – the doe-eyed, baby-faced, and irresistably adorable Hirota Natsu. Completely taken with the new faculty member, Kyou abandons his playboy lifestyle for her, having found true love for the first time… But what will fate have in store for these two, engaged in the taboo relationship between teacher and pupil…!?

Aisuru Hito
Mangaka: Yoshihara Yuki
Groups Scanlating: A Willful Muse
Status: Completed / 20 Chapters
Summary: The heroine is named Kinoshita Sakiko. She is 20 years old, and a college student. She is totally in love with her 28 year old university professor, Chifyu-sensei. He is tall, moody, and handsome, with short dark hair and sexy eyes. Unfortunately for Sakiko, he always refuses her very aggressive displays of affection. Yet she never gives up. Even when faced with a housing crisis, Sakiko goes to drastic lengths to earn money so she can stay in the area and continue her pursuit of her teacher. However Sakiko isn’t very bright when it comes to making money. She actually tries to sell herself on a street corner!! But her price is too high, and no one is interested. Then she meets a guy on the street named Natsuo. He is also really cute, with long blond hair. He is interested in Sakiko, and after one really great kiss, he takes her to his apartment. Things are starting to get steamy when they are interrupted by the arrival of Natsuo’s brother. Guess who it is?

Blogger’s Note: (STRICTLY FOR 18y/o AND ABOVE ONLY) Read all of Yoshihara Yuki’s works and you won’t regret it. The comedy and art is so hilarious!

Sensei ni, Ageru
Mangaka: Yamada Daisy
Groups Scanlating: Chibi Manga
Status: Ongoing
Summary: During the summer when everything seemed gloomy I met Sensei and he changed my view on things. The only good trait that Azami, the bashful girl has is that she is honest and diligent. The reason why she kissed him and told him not to forget about her was because she wanted to change herself. During the new school term, the two of them meet again. This time it is at school as student and teacher…

Houkago x Ponytail
Mangaka: Tanaka Teko
Groups Scanlating: Dazzling Scans
Status: Completed
Summary: Natsuki, an otaku high-school girl who’d rather spend her money on manga than pretty dresses, accidentally injures a creepy-looking mangaka named Kiritani Taichi. To repay him, she agrees to be his character model until he fully heals. Kiritani turns out to be a popular shoujo mangaka under the name Ichijou Kiriko, who is also Natsuki’s favorite author! Plus, underneath that disheveled hair Kiritani is actually a good-looking man! What will become of these two?


Hirunaka no Ryuusei 
Mangaka: Yamamori Mika
Groups Scanlating: animelody, Evil Flowers & Silent Dream Scanlations
Status: Ongoing
Summary: 15-year-old country girl, Suzume Yosano, has to move to Tokyo to live with her uncle due to her father’s transfer. She bumps into a mysterious man who ends up taking her to her uncle’s place after she gets lost. Turns out, Suzume will be seeing him a lot more often once she starts school because… he’s her homeroom teacher!?


1/3 no Kareshi
Mangaka: Shimaki Ako
Groups Scanlating: Tenshi-Tachi
Status: One-shot / Completed
Summary: Fukada Rei is a cute but up-tight third year high school student, one of the only girls her age without a boyfriend. One day, someone stops her while she was walking to class and asks to take her picture. Rei is confused, but says yes. He takes the picture, and when Rei asks why he tells her her underwear is completely showing. He says he’ll delete it later, but only if they meet again at the same place at lunch. Afraid that he’ll show it to her class mates, Rei agrees, and every day afterward she meets him for lunch. But what will Rei do when he confesses to her–and she realizes she loves him, too?

Sensei KunshiSensei Kunshu
Mangaka: Momoko Kouda
Groups Scanlating: Chibi Manga
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Ayu saw the boy she loves, the handsome teacher Hiromitsu, throwing away a nice girl. But then, Hiromitsu is treating her so hard… Ayu’s real lessons will start!





Sensei To UwakichuSensei To, Uwakichuu Manga
Mangaka: Chise Fujinaka
Groups Scanlating: Chibi Manga
Status: Completed
Summary: Hana is in extreme shock over the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her. When confiding in the Kudou Sensei from the school informatory, he plays with her hair… Are you trying to comfort me? When she was trying to leave, he asks an impossible proposition “Would you like to have an affair with me?”!? Hana who became limp from those words was asked “Are you anemic?” I’m not! He says we should just have an affair to kill time, but Hana doesn’t understand him!!



Sensei SukiSensei, Suki
Mangaka: Hiro Aikawa
Groups Scanlating: Chibi Manga
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Please, teach me about things we can’t do ! #1. Ijiwaru na oni Kyoushi…a pretentious and cruel teacher give her private lessons after school?! #2. Geki Kawa Kyoushi…a morose girl with glasses and a handsome teacher = don’t tell me it’ll have some alchemy between those two?! #3. Kiken na Hokeni …A kind and gentleman teacher is in fact not what he seems to be…!! #4. Onna Kyoushi no Ikenai Koi…Though she’s dreaming about an adult and handsome man, she’ll become close to a high school boy…?!



Sensei, SotSensei, Sotsugyou
Mangaka: Hiro Aikawa
Groups Scanlating: Chika Shiina
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Collection of oneshots: 1) Sensei, Sotsugyou: Soudo sensei has been confessed by a popular third year student. But they’re student and teacher, such romance is forbidden, even after he graduates…  2) Sensei, me and Kento-kun: Kato Ichika is in love- with Takastuski sensei! She is so “in love” to the point she made an alias in order to “befriend” him on twitter, but she has no face to face connection with him. When she foolishly ran into a door accidentally caused by a certain kouhai called Kento-kun, she finally has a link to her sensei. Will Ichika be bale to successfully capture sense’s heart, or will her heart belong to someone else? 3) Koi ni Ochita Sagishi-kun 4) Ao no Binetsu extra edition side: Yoshioka


Kinkyori RenaiKinkyori Renai
Mangaka: Rin Mikimoto
Groups Scanlating: Various escalators (Osuwari Team, Starlight Scans, Eclipse Scans, Girls Generation)
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Uni is a prodigy with a cool reserve who is accomplished in everything except for English. One day, she insults her temporary English teacher and he overhears her. He asks her to come to his office after school and, somehow, she starts receiving private tutoring from him?!



Akahime RanshinAkahime Ranshin
Mangaka: Nobuyo Yamamoto
Groups Scanlating: Aerandria Scans
Status: Oneshot
Summary: Akagi Erika is a classical literature teacher at a high school. One day, she scolds a male student, Usami Rento, for wearing perfume to school. However, she later finds out that the sweet scent isn’t from perfume but from incense that’s soaked into the kimono he wears, for Usami Rento is actually a famous kabuki actor playing female roles. Erika watches a performance of Usami’s out of curiosity, and finds herself gradually drawn to this strange student…



ikenai teacherIkenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling
Mangaka: Megumi Toda
Groups Scanlating: Nekohana, Unexpected Fate
Status: Completed
Summary: Meet Izumi and Tachibana. They’re right in the middle of a very hot and heavy romance. Seems normal right? Except Tachibana is a teacher at Izumi’s all girls high school. Calm and collected Izumi is part of the student council. Tachibana is lecherous and is always trying to find a way into Izumi’s uniform. See if they can handle their hush-hush relationship and themselves.




Only for open minded readers. R-18

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru
Mangaka: Aoki Kotomi
Groups Scanlating: Titania
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Ogasawara Aki is the reclusive, idealistic composer of the popular band Crude Play. Discontented with his life and with no drive to succeed, he meets Riko, the 16-year-old grocer’s daughter in a band consisting of her childhood friends, and asks her to be his girlfriend on a whim. Riko, young and innocent, agrees immediately, but worries about her new boyfriend, whom she suspects has just broken up with a woman he cared very much for.



Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 
Mangaka: Chika
Groups Scanlating:Lila Wolves
Status: Ongoing
Summary: After recently moving into his grandmother’s house in the countryside, Shinichi is bored with everything despite his success as a novelist. That is, until one day, when a young girl with a stray cat appears at his doorstep. A girl with a very tragic look in her eyes...



Hyakujuu no Ou ni TsuguHyakujuu no Ou ni Tsugu!
Mangaka: Akegami Takara
Groups Scanlating: Chibi manga
Status: Ongoing
Summary: This is the liberated area where you listen to girls will, a girls high school! in this class, there’s a king. Me, Yuka! My friends are counting on me and boys are afraid of me! But that kind of paradise will suddenly break up but and thirty old man!! dates will take place in golf areas and kisses will have the taste of smoke.



Mangaka: Satoshi Morie
Groups Scanlating: Intercross
Status: Completed
Summary: The beautiful, white skin of high school student Ichijou Seika stole the heart of the genius painter Manabe Akiharu. However, in order for him to paint, Akiharu must touch that “something” or else his image won’t expand. While desiring to touch her, he worries that his thoughts will dirty her…?!

Blogger’s Note: I don’t really know where to categorize this but since Manabe is a painter, he is kind of like a Sensei right? Anyway, I’ve read this series loooonggg back and it is one of the stories that I will not forget. It’s deep and eccentric. I highly recommend this one.

MANGA: Japanese Comics

For those who doesn’t know what Manga is: Manga refers specifically to a comic that originated and published from Japan. In short, a comic book. Contrary to American comics, the Japanese way of reading a manga is from top to bottom and from right to left. For first timers, it’s kinda confusing but I think even for those who are frequent readers, its sometimes confusing. Anime on the other hand is the video version of most mangas but there are anime original series.

In Korea, they also have their own style of comics and they call it Manhwa / 만화. It’s actually easy to distinguish Manga from Manhwa based on their art.

Frankly speaking, ever since I started liking Anime, I never had an interest to read a manga. I always thought that if its an animation, it’s better. Last year, I tried to read once but I felt so out of it because its so dull, you’re just reading and there were no emotions at all. I have a friend who likes anime and she also reads manga, so sometimes we talk about anime stuff. One day, she asked me and told me many times to read this manga bla bla and so, I’ve tried. I forgot what manga she recommended but after reading some one-shot mangas (mostly 1-4 chapters) I realized that it’s not so bad, in fact it was cool.

Ever since then, I always read manga whenever Im at home, at least 3-5 mangas depending on their chapters, if it’s a one-shot or a series. I was wrong when I thought that there were no feelings on reading it. You can actually feel the same emotions that you can have while watching Anime but in my opinion there are greater mixed emotions in manga.

I’ll make a list of my favorite Mangas in a separate thread.