Detective Conan: Bell Tree Express Arc (Chapters 818 – 824)


So finally, here is our latest arc with BO involved, which I believe the most intense one!

I would do my best to summarize only the important chained events of this arc and my opinions about it!

This is actually the continuation of chapters 815-817 where Haibara returned to Sherry using the pill to save the detective boys in the burning cottage. If my memory serves me right, it’s her second time changing back to Sherry, the first one was when Pisco died. On the last page of chapter 817, Amuro hacked Kogorou’s computer and saw the video of Sherry, saving the detective boys, and that she is wearing the mystery train pass ring but Amuro’s connection got interrupted as there was another party hacking at the same time, which would be Subaru. Moving on, the latest arc started with Vodka, Gin and Vermouth talking about Sherry’s travel on the BTET, they knew her whereabouts, and the fact that she is really alive, because of the video that Mitsuhiko took, when they were saved by “Sherry” which was also sent to Mouri DA and was hacked by both Amuro and Subaru.

A murder took place on the train but the main event was the BO contact. I knew right here and then, that the lady who’s vermouth-look-alike is not really vermouth but is actually Yukiko. Vermouth’s plan to abduct/kill Haibara went astray when Yukiko got involved. Remember the 2 hours special? A contact with the BO episode? Yukiko was there also, dressed up as Medusa. Until now, I don’t know on what extent she is linked with BO but as far as I know, it is because of Vermouth and Conan.

I’ll make it really short and precise so here are the intense REVELATIONS of this arc:

  1. Yukiko is definitely involved now with Conan’s fight with the BO. She helped a lot of times too. What is Yusaku doing then?
  2. Vermouth, who have disguised as the scarred Akai on this arc, has something up on her sleeves. As Yukiko mentioned, She sought help with their former CG creator, Itakura Suguru. She ordered a software from him and it might be the reason as why she have not yet divulged Shinichi and Sherry’s real form to the organization. When did Conan got that information? And what exactly is that “software”?
  3. Amuro aka Bourbon, the member of the organization who was the rival of Moroboshi Dai (Akai). He disguised as Akai previously and revealed himself to the people close to Akai observing their reactions and have finally concluded that he is really dead.
  4. Kaitou Kid, who was just on the train to target the first class cabin jewelry exhibit was greatly involved as Conan had busted him while on disguise and as a favor for not revealing that he is on board, Conan asked him if he can disguise as “Sherry” and shake the BO member’s off. Oh no, Kid! Vermouth realized that you have helped these detectives. Will she let you off the hook also?
  5. Haibara Ai aka Sherry, Amuro believes that she is already dead as the storage carriage exploded while believing “Sherry” (which is actually Kid) was there.
  6. Subaru, he is definitely Shuuchi Akai. He finally revealed his true form when he threw a grenade on Amuro, just after Amuro had removed the carriage link to the storage hold where Sherry (Kid) was contained. And on the last page of chapter 824, Subaru’s eyes became so distinctive, which tells that he is Akai.
  7. Sera, Akai’s little sister. When she encountered scarred Akai (vermouth) she said “Shuu nii? Is it really you? but..but how? I heard that you were dead..” I believe that she is already aware that Akai is alive and she acted that she was surprised to see him, to confuse the organization.

This arc was really on fire! Are we finally getting near the end?? Share your opinions!