Hirunaka No Ryuusei : Satsuki Shishio

For the past few days, daily chapters for HNR are being released due to the amount of donators. I really thank everyone for donating so we could get faster updates for this popular SxT manga! I want to donate as well however I have not managed to create a paypal account yet, which I would in the near future.

A big thank you to chun-chun and Kaori-chan for their swift and timely releases of the chapters! For those who wants to donate, please send them through paypal to chun-chun@hotmail.uk

So.. Going back to the main topic, this post is solely for our Satsuki-sensei ❤️ which I believe have gained thousand of fans! Before I start to spazz, here’s a brief bio of him.

20131017-195943.jpgName : Satsuki Shishio
First Appearance : Chapter 1
Job : Teacher
Age : 24 years old
About : He is a friend of Kumamoto Yukichi (Suzume’s uncle) and often visits at Yukichi’s restaurant. He’s the one who gave Suzume the nickname Chun-Chun (actually, he’s the only one who’s calling Suzume like that). Outside school he dress up casually with his messy hair (which makes him so cool)

He retains some of his cool nature while in his role as a teacher and reject anything that is unethical on his profession, claiming he knows the line between work and personal things, however slowly he have realized that something is amiss.




I wanted to write more about him but I always try not to give spoilers for those who have not read it yet (well, except for detective conan ;p) Anyway, I’m team Satsuki, though I like Mamura too!, He’s so cool and carefree but matured at the same time. I just hated it when he cut his hair. Longer style suits him better! (T⌓T)

The chapters are getting intense. Still a long way to go with the manga! Can’t wait what will happen but I don’t want it to end yet!

How cool our Satsuki-sensei is? ✿♥‿♥✿

Satsuki 2

Satsuki 3

Satsuki 4

Satsuki 1

3 thoughts on “Hirunaka No Ryuusei : Satsuki Shishio

  1. thank you so much because of your post i started reading hnr and im totally lovin it.of course mamuras cute too but satsuki sensei has this electric aura that is undeniable. and yes his long hair did look more cute .keep sending more hnr posts.[also i love your dc posts especially the faq that u made,i am in love with that show for the past 7 yrs and anything related to it just excites me]

  2. Itz ma Fav manga especially bcox of Satsuki sensei… lol I want Chun chun n him to be forever together…. yea… Mamura’s cool bt…, Satsuki nailed it…

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