Hirunaka No Ryuusei : Chapter 66


I’ve been waiting for this from God knows when!

I ain’t giving spoilers but read the  heart stopping chapter.. since you, Team Mamura have given enough chapters to spazz, now its time for US, Team Satsuki to squeal!

This post is purely for spazzing purposes.

I love Sensei’s side profile



2 thoughts on “Hirunaka No Ryuusei : Chapter 66

  1. #TeamShishio all the way. I haven’t read the last chapter yet and I’m not sure if I can actually read it knowing that it will just break my heart all over again. I wish the Mangaka will write at least a short story again for Shishio. Will he have his own happy ending too? I want to comfort him right now but I don’t know how!!!

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