Detective Conan: Scarlet Arc (Chapters 891 – 898)

Long overdue post but better late than never!


So finally, all our questions about Okiya Subara, Amuro and Akai have been answered.

I’ll give a brief summary on this latest arc and will list down the important points/revelations.

The arc started with Jodie-sensei talking to her friend Shibuya Natsuko about meeting up. As Natsuko is being stalked, she hired Amuro as her private detective. Natsuko got involved in an attempted murder, as the victim and got hospitalised, it was during the investigation when Amuro and the FBIs (Jodie, Camel) crossed paths.

1. Amuro – On Chapter 892, Conan whispered to him “You’re an enemy of the bad guys” which he replied “Zero.. I was called that as a kid”. On Chapter 893, Amuro’s denial made Conan think all about the things he had done (in the previous arcs) and Zero as explained by Conan is “The commonly used nickname for “The Organization That Doesnt Exist”.. whose purpose is to maintain safety and order in Japan.. The Secret Police”

2. Vermouth – It was then at the end for Chap 893 that Vermouth disguised as Jodie and approached Camel to ask if he didn’t tell Amuro anything about Kusuda Rikumichi. Thanks to Vermouth’s perfect disguise, Camel told that the didnt tell Amuro anything about Kusuda comitting suicide by shooting himself.

Chapter 894 – Vermouth and Amuro were discussing inside the car about Kusuda Rikumichi. Vermouth told that it’s impossible that Akai is still alive given the fact that the Police and FBI confirmed his death, along with the video taken during Akai’s shot. Amuro is still insisting that Akai is alive and he can find him in one day as he understood the trick.

Macademy Awards – Ran has been looking forward to watch the show as Yusaku Kudo have been nominated for Best Script.

The chapter ended when Amuro rang the bell of Shinichi’s house and was answered by Okiya.

Chapter 895 – Amuro wanted to talk to Okiya hence he invited himself in. Meanwhile, Jodie and Camel are on the way to Raiha Pass (where Akai was shot) to figure out something about Akai’s death.

1. Amuro – He just told Okiya about the mystery/trick of Akai’s (not mentioning Akai) death and throwing questions which Okiya responded accordingly. At the end of the chapter, he told Okiya that he is waiting for a call, as his companions will take care of Okiya’s “friends” – Jodie and Camel – and asked Okiya to take off the mask once the calls come in and he called him Akai Shuuchi.

2. Jodie and Camel – As they’re discussing, they realized the trick which Akai and Conan used during that time then suddenly Camel told that he will speed up as there are cars following them.

Chapter 896 – Jodie and Camel were blocked on the road but Camel’s driving skills made them escape. At Shinichi’s house, Okiya removed his face mask.

1. Okiya – As he was coughing he asked Amuro if he can put back his face mask on as to not to infect him. Amuro was insisting him to remove his disguise and not the face mask. *while this was happening, the Macademy Awards is playing on the background. Yuusaku won the Best Script Award* Amuro noticed the surveillance cameras in the house and asked him if there is someone watching them in another room (Yes, Its Conan duh!) He asked Amuro how similar this Akai Shuuichi to him so Amuro explained about the disguises, voice changer etc.

2. Akai – “Open the roof” was his first words. Jodie and Camel were so shocked to find Akai on the backseat of the car.

3. Amuro – His phone rang then. “Akai?!” he shouted.

Chapter 897 – Akai wants to put an end to the chase so he’s been instructing Camel on the steering wheel while pointing his gun to the cards behind them. When they finally lost sight of them, Akai told to turn back.

1. Amuro – He has been informed by his company on the phone that Akai fired a gun on them and hit their tire then crashed along with the other cards. Okiya then asked Amuro to not be so loud on the phone as the owner of the house is receiving an important award and is about to give speech.

2. Akai – They turned back to the chasers. He was talking to one guy and asked for a little trade. His gun which he fired for the guy’s mobile phone.



After the above’s conversation, Amuro asked the company to withdraw for now and apologized to Okiya for the misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Jodie asked Akai who were they and this is what Akai told “Our standpoints are different but fundamentally, they’re the same as us.. They’re wolves, trying to sink their teeth in them”

It was then revealed that Yuusaku disguised as Okiya. He went up to Conan and revealed/explained the trick they used to fool Amuro.

1. Yusaku to speak into the voice changer hidden in the mask

2. If Yusaku was asked to take the mask off or asked difficult question, he will cough twice as a signal and Conan will speak on his stead through the voice-changers.

3. If Yusaku wants to speak, he just have to clear his throat once.

Yukiko disguised as Yusaku in the Macedemy awards (haha!) Can’t help but to screenshot this! Ran’s comment too!! LOL


Chapter 898 – The last chapter for this arc! So, it was Yukiko who’s helping Akai on his Okiya disguise. Yukiko drops by every week to check on the disguise (that’s tough). Jodie and Camel were present and asked questions to Yukiko about how is she related to Akai, which Conan interrupted and told the story about Akai going to live in a rundown apartment which got burned so Conan suggested Yukiko-oba..onee-san’s house as not one is using it. When Yukiko left, Akai revealed that James Black knew all of this as he noticed Akai coated his finger with glue.. They then talked about Amuro, Akai didnt think that Amuro’s grudge against him is deeper. The bell rang and Conan answered it, his visitors are the Detective Boys which after complained about Professor Agasa’s quiz/trick.

Then a scene with Vermouth and Amuro came up, Vermouth told Amuro that she was right that Akai is dead and to stop doing this sort of things now. Amuro replied that he seemed that he jumped to conclusions but if something comes up again, Vermouth should lend him a hand:

“After all, im one of the few people who know your secret.. Im sure the other members would be quite surprised if they knew.. to think that you are the boss’s..” – Amuro to Vermouth.

Vermouth then pointed a gun to him. She withdrew the gun after Amuro told that if something were to happen to him, he already arranged for her secret to be revealed to the organization. Vermouth advised him then to stop doing as he please as Gin told that the organization is already infested with rats and wants to do something about it. Hondou, Akai and Scotch, member of Secret Police.

Back to Shinchi’s House, Akai told that he got a text from Mizunashi Rena (Kir) which says “RUM”. Akai already heard that name 2-3 times in the organization and it seems that RUM is very close to the boss. (Conan was eavesdropping)


So to make it clear:

1. AMURO TOORU – His real name is Furuya Rei and is a member of Secret Police (similar with the FBI)

2. OKIYA SUBARU – The real Akai Shuuchi. Finally revealed himself.

3. SCOTCH – Ex-black organization member. Member of Secret Police. Something happened between him, Amuro and Akai during their stay in the organization.

4. RUM – Newly introduced BO member.

There you have it, the Scarlet Arc! and it revealed so much!!

Please share your thoughts on this and/or on what’s gonna happen in the series.


Detective Conan: Bell Tree Express Arc (Chapters 818 – 824)


So finally, here is our latest arc with BO involved, which I believe the most intense one!

I would do my best to summarize only the important chained events of this arc and my opinions about it!

This is actually the continuation of chapters 815-817 where Haibara returned to Sherry using the pill to save the detective boys in the burning cottage. If my memory serves me right, it’s her second time changing back to Sherry, the first one was when Pisco died. On the last page of chapter 817, Amuro hacked Kogorou’s computer and saw the video of Sherry, saving the detective boys, and that she is wearing the mystery train pass ring but Amuro’s connection got interrupted as there was another party hacking at the same time, which would be Subaru. Moving on, the latest arc started with Vodka, Gin and Vermouth talking about Sherry’s travel on the BTET, they knew her whereabouts, and the fact that she is really alive, because of the video that Mitsuhiko took, when they were saved by “Sherry” which was also sent to Mouri DA and was hacked by both Amuro and Subaru.

A murder took place on the train but the main event was the BO contact. I knew right here and then, that the lady who’s vermouth-look-alike is not really vermouth but is actually Yukiko. Vermouth’s plan to abduct/kill Haibara went astray when Yukiko got involved. Remember the 2 hours special? A contact with the BO episode? Yukiko was there also, dressed up as Medusa. Until now, I don’t know on what extent she is linked with BO but as far as I know, it is because of Vermouth and Conan.

I’ll make it really short and precise so here are the intense REVELATIONS of this arc:

  1. Yukiko is definitely involved now with Conan’s fight with the BO. She helped a lot of times too. What is Yusaku doing then?
  2. Vermouth, who have disguised as the scarred Akai on this arc, has something up on her sleeves. As Yukiko mentioned, She sought help with their former CG creator, Itakura Suguru. She ordered a software from him and it might be the reason as why she have not yet divulged Shinichi and Sherry’s real form to the organization. When did Conan got that information? And what exactly is that “software”?
  3. Amuro aka Bourbon, the member of the organization who was the rival of Moroboshi Dai (Akai). He disguised as Akai previously and revealed himself to the people close to Akai observing their reactions and have finally concluded that he is really dead.
  4. Kaitou Kid, who was just on the train to target the first class cabin jewelry exhibit was greatly involved as Conan had busted him while on disguise and as a favor for not revealing that he is on board, Conan asked him if he can disguise as “Sherry” and shake the BO member’s off. Oh no, Kid! Vermouth realized that you have helped these detectives. Will she let you off the hook also?
  5. Haibara Ai aka Sherry, Amuro believes that she is already dead as the storage carriage exploded while believing “Sherry” (which is actually Kid) was there.
  6. Subaru, he is definitely Shuuchi Akai. He finally revealed his true form when he threw a grenade on Amuro, just after Amuro had removed the carriage link to the storage hold where Sherry (Kid) was contained. And on the last page of chapter 824, Subaru’s eyes became so distinctive, which tells that he is Akai.
  7. Sera, Akai’s little sister. When she encountered scarred Akai (vermouth) she said “Shuu nii? Is it really you? but..but how? I heard that you were dead..” I believe that she is already aware that Akai is alive and she acted that she was surprised to see him, to confuse the organization.

This arc was really on fire! Are we finally getting near the end?? Share your opinions!


[Poll] Detective Conan, 16 years of airing.. what do you think of it now?

As every DC fan would know, the series has been airing for 16 years now, it is indeed the longest anime series that I know. I started watching DC in 1990s, I stopped then re-watched everything in 2007 up to present. Through these years, I can’t help but to notice that the cases seems repetitive now. I am truly a Detective Conan fanatic that no matter how repetitive they are, I wouldn’t drop the series from my list but there are times that they are not interesting anymore, most especially for the anime fillers. Gosho have said in an interview that the cases are not all his ideas, of course, he needs a second, third, fourth brain. I guess if it wouldn’t have been for that, DC wouldn’t last this long. I’ve also noticed that (i’m referring to the anime) the summaries in the beginning of the episodes are quite long.. longer than the older episodes which is kind of annoying to me, although it helps us to remember the previous episode. Most of the time, I just skip that part.

The series stayed as it was since the beginning, there are few changes but wouldn’t “something new” will make the fans more excited until its ending? Like:

  • Makoto would have a major role at least even in just one episode.
  • Detective Boys never left 1-B, they should grow..
  • Yusaku Kudo in detective mode

I’ve written this post to know what you guys think of Detective Conan now. I created a poll and would appreciate it if you take some time to answer and/or leave comments about this topic.

Detective Conan: Movie 16

Yesterday, April 14, 2012 was the airing of DC Movie 16 in Japan. It has been all over twitter and I realized that, it’s the time of the month again.

Movie 16: The Eleventh Striker

Kogoro’s detective agency receives a mysterious phone call. Someone on the other end warns about a bomb and leaves behind a code, “The Boy in Blue and The Blue Zebra, the rain from above …” If Conan can decipher the riddle, he can stop the bomb. An adventure begins for Conan and the Detective Boys, taking place at a soccer match between Hideo Akagi of the Tokyo Spirits and Ryusuke Higo of Big Osaka.

credits: dcwiki

Detective Conan: Movie 15

Oh well, we are already in our 15th year of Detective Conan legacy and they never failed to give us a kickass movie anually!

Here is the 15th Movie for Detective Conan that will air in Japan on April 16, 2011 entitled Quarter of Silence.

The story begins with a threat against the Tokyo governor, Asakura. The letter threatens to blow up the newly opened and municipally‐owned subway tunnel the following day but thanks to Conan, after he heard about the warning letter from Kogorou, he managed to prevent and stop the explosion and no casualties noted.

Conan and the gang went and investigated Niigata Prefecture where a dam was built when Asakura was still the Minister of Transport.  There might be where the culprit lies!

Detective Conan latest episode as of 01/12/11

My first DC update after a year! phew.

Who knew that this anime would drag so long for 14 years? Well, no one actually knew. Even Gosho himself didn’t expected this anime to run for this long.

For an anime, this has been truly airing for SO LONG but i’m not complaining or getting tired by it, Im actually wanting more and more! Hundreds or even a thousand of episodes until their brain cells can’t produce any information at all, LOL Gosho is already getting old, Im hoping that he won’t end this anime drastically.

Going back to the topic, we currently have 603 episodes of Detective Conan! That’s a lot isn’t it? If im new to this anime, I would definitely NOT going to watch it anymore. That would be too much for me lol

This is the updated list of DC episode guide. Make use of it well!  Detective Conan complete episode guide ^^

Detective Conan 14th Movie: The Lost Ship in the Sky

Time flies really fast. It’s just been over 6 months after I’ve watched the 13th movie and now here comes the 14th movie, to be shown on April 17.

If you had watched the 13th movie, a short clip about the upcoming movie was revealed.

Shonen Sunday had released “The Lost Ship in the Sky” as the title of the movie, starring our very famous thief, Kaitou Kid. Suzuki Jirokichi, Sonoko’s uncle, invites Conan, the Detective Boys, Ran and others to ride Bell 3, the largest airship in the world. Aboard the airship is the Lady of the Sky jewel which Kid is targeting however,  a mysterious terrorist group known as Red Shamu-neko hijacks the airship itself.

I’ve been waiting Kid for ages! Well, rumors are saying that Ran is starting to fall inlove with Kid and I think that’s so not gonna happen. Anyway, Im excited for this movie. Kid’s the best when he is in the air :] Gotta love this movie!