Mouri Kogoro’s voice actor was dismissed on the DC series

If you can remember I posted the DC voice actors before and this post will be about one of the seiyuu in the series.

Kamiya Akira, the voice actor of Mouri Kogoro, was dismissed 2 months ago on the series as a seiyuu. According to Akira’s official blog site he said that “There was an issue on the contract. It’s a matter of faith, justice and sincerity” and that he’s the only one to blame.

According to Mainichi News, the reason for the dismissal was a discord between the anime producer and Kamiya Akira regarding the guarantee fee. Kamiya has been negotiating with TV companies and the anime producers to raise the guarantee fees of seiyuu, whose salaries are significantly lower than those of the normal actors. Yomiuri TV, the producer of Detective Conan, was perplexed with Kamiya’s premature disclosure because they were planning to announce the change of the voice actor in Weekly Shounen Sunday to be released on October 28th.

Kamiya Akira explained the reason in his blog. One of the staff of the production company leaked confidential information of Kamiya’s contract with the producer in a blog (probably mixi) and defamed him. Kamiya and the producer were about to reach an agreement but the negotiation broke off due to the leak, which was distorted with ill intention. Kamiya asked a man to intervene but the producers fired him in the end.

Kamiya then offered his apologies to all of the fans for this turn of fortune. He also offered his apologies to the manga creator Gosho Aoyama, lead voice actress Minami Takayama (Conan Edogawa), voice actress Wakana Yamazaki (Ran Mouri), voice actor Kenichi Ogata (Hiroshi Agasa), the other members of the cast, the staff of APU Studio, the YTV network, and the publisher Shogakukan. Kamiya begged fans to keep supporting Detective Conan.

He was the seiyuu of Mouri Kogoro since the start of the series until October 10th 2009. As a fan of DC, without him voicing out Kogoro, there will be always the feeling of nostalgia and it will be long enough to get used to it.

The new voice actor of Mouri Kogoro is Koyama Rikiya, although he sounds a little bit like the original Kogoro ~ it’s still not the best.

Credits: dtshyk + ANN

OVA8: Female Highschool Detective Suzuki Sonoko’s Casebook

I can’t help but to blog this OVA. So far, of all the episodes, OVA, specials and movies of this series.. this one is really something different. It’s not as what others said that this OVA is ‘bad, worst’ etc. Actually, it is plausible. Plausible because this one really struck the fans.

Who would have known that DC will be something like this?


Can you tell something what’s new on the photo?

YES. It’s not a dummy. It’s a ALIEN. LOL I can’t stop laughing over this one. Mitsuhiko’s idea was a ass-kicker. That alien even resurrected the dead man LOLL and as for Ayumi’s idea LOL she’s even worst than Genta xD (In Japanese, wan-wan is what they call for their dogs bark, unlike in english it’s arf-arf)

This OVA is not only for comedic purposes. It also shows how complex a ‘murder-case’ is done especially the trick used but Gosho and Doyle is excluded :D

Detective Conan [Opening and Ending Themes]

We already have heard many opening and ending themes since the start of this series, so I’ve thought of listing them. I actually listed this before on my previous blog but I wasn’t able to finish the ending themes but here, I’ll diligently list them all.

OPENING THEME SONGS (In chronological Order)
Legend: Episode Number English Title – Artist – Japanese TitleRomanization

1-30My Heart is Beating Fast – The High Lows – 胸がドキドキMune ga Doki Doki
31-52 Feel Your Heart – Velvet Garden – Feel Your Heart
53-96Mystery – Miho Komatsu – Nazo
97-123Turning the Roulette Wheel of Fate – ZARD – 運命のル-レット廻してUnmei No Roulette Wo Mawashite
124-142Truth – TWO-MIX – Truth
143-167Chop at the Limit – B’z – ギリギリCHOPGirigiri Chop
168-204Mysterious Eyes – Garnet Crow – Mysterious Eyes
205-230This Love is Thrill, Shock, Suspense – Rina Aiuchi – 恋はスリル、ショック、サスペンスKoi wa thrill, shock, suspense
231-258Destiny – Miki Matsuhashi – Destiny
259-270Winter Bells – Mai Kuraki – Winter Bells
271-305I can’t stop my love for you – Rina Aiuchi – I can’t stop my love for you
306-332Lalala of the Wind – Mai Kuraki – 風のらららKaze no Lalala
333-355Until that Gentle Place I Promised to You – U-ka Saegusa – 君と約束した優しいあの場所までKimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made
356-393Start – Rina Aiuchi – Start
394-414Shining Star – ZARD – 星の輝きよHoshi no Kagayakiyo
415-424Growing of my heart – Mai Kuraki – Growing of my heart
425-437 Impulse – B’z – 衝動Shoudou
438-456100 Doors! – Rina Aiuchi & U-ka Saegusa, chorus The Tambourines – 100もの扉Hyaku Mono Tobira
457-474Ride on the Clouds – U-ka Saegusa – 雲に乗ってKumo Ni Notte
475-486Tears of Yesterday – Garnet Crow – 涙のイエスタデーNamida No Yesterday
487-490 Glorious Mind – ZARD – グロリアス マインドGlorious Mind
491-504Love in Darkness – ZARD – 愛は暗闇の中でAi wa kurayami no naka de
505-514Every Second of My Love for You – Mai Kuraki – 一秒ごとにLove for youIchibyou Gotoni Love for You
515-520Mysterious – Naifu – Mysterious
521-529Revive – Mai Kuraki – Revive
530- 546Everlasting Luv – BREAKERZ – Everlasting Luv
547- 564Magic – Rina Aiuchi – Magic
565- ???As the Dew – Garnet Crow – As the Dew

ENDING THEME SONGS (In chronological Order)
Legend: Episode Number English Title – Artist – Japanese TitleRomanization

1-26Step by Step – Ziggy – Step by Step
27-51Lovers’ Maze – Heath – 迷宮のラヴァースMeikyuu No Lovers
52-70 Romance of Light & Shadow – Keiko Utoku – 光と影とロマンHikari to Kage no Roman
71-83Summer Without You – Deen – 君がいない夏Kimi ga Inai Natsu
84-108Just This One Wish – Miho Komatsu – 願い事ひとつだけNegai Goto Hitotsu Dake
109-131Like Standing on Top of the Ice – Miho Komatsu – 氷の上に立つようにKoori no Ue ni Tatsu you ni
132-152Still For Your Love – Rumania Montevideo – Still For Your Love
153-179Free Magic – WAG – Free Magic
180-204Secret of My Heart – Mai Kuraki – Secret of My Heart
205-218Illusion of Summer – Garnet Crow – 夏の幻 Natsu no Maboroshi
219-232 Start in My Life – Mai Kuraki – Start in My Life
233-247Always – Mai Kuraki – Always
248-265On This Blue Blue Earth – Azumi Uehara – 青い青いこの地球にAoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni
266-287After Dreaming – Garnet Crow – 夢見たあとでYume Mita Ato de
288-300Colourless – Azumi Uehara – 無色Mushoku
301-306Overture – Koushi Inaba of B’z – Overture
307-328Dreaming of Tomorrow – ZARD – 明日を夢見てAshita wo Yume Mite
329-349A Light Called You – Garnet Crow – 君という光Kimi to Iu Hikari
350-375Smiling at Your Sleeping Profile – U-ka Saegusa – 眠る君の横顔に微笑みをNemuru Kimi wo Yokogao ni Hohoemi wo
376-397Forgotten Blossom – Garnet Crow – 忘れ咲きWasurezaki
398-406June Bride, Only You I Can See – U-ka Saegusa – ジューンブライド ~ あなたしか見えない – June Bride – Anata Shika Mienai
407-416The World has Stopped – Shiori Takei – 世界止めてSekai Tomete
417-424Thank You for Everything – Sayuri Iwata – Thank You for Everything
425-437I Like You Being Sad – ZARD – 悲しいほどあなたがすき Kanashii Hodo Anata Ga Suki
438-458I Won’t Leave You Alone Anymore – Aya Kamiki – もう君だけを離したりはしないMou Kimi Dake Wo Hanashitari Wa Shinai
459-470Pure Snow – Mai Kuraki – 白い雪 – Shiroi Yuki
471-486 I Still Believe ~ Sigh – Yumi Shizukusa – I still believe ~ため息~I still believe ~tameiki~
487-490Though You Say the World Turns – Garnet Crow – 世界はまわると言うけれどSekai wa Mawaru to iu Keredo
491-504Like the River Flow at the Thaw – U-ka Saegusa – 雪どけのあの川の流れのようにYukidoke no ano kawa no nagare no youni
505-514Summer Memories – Aya Kamiki – Summer Memories
515-520Go Your Own Way – Yumi Shizukusa – Go Your Own Way
521-529As My Love for You Shines – Naifu – 恋心 輝きながらKoigokoro Kagayaki Nagara
530-539Doing All Right – Garnet Crow – Doing All Right
540-561Light – BREAKERZ – Hikari
562-???Hello Mr. my yesterday – Hundred percent free – Hello Mr. my yesterday

Obviously, some theme songs doesn’t have romanization because the title itself is already english.

#2 Random Questions&Answers for Detective Conan

Im bored.  I’ll study later D: So here’s the second set for Qs&As for DC.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>N O T I C E<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
There are spoilers here, It’s up to you if you will continue reading this

1. Who are the two snipers of the Black Organization?
↘ Korn and Chianti

2. On episode 425, what is the code name of the BO’s first target of assassination?
↘ DJ. Diamond Jack

3. What is the name of the guy who wrote Shinichi about the “Wrong deduction” that he had?
↘ Hinohara Makoto

4. Who is Sonoko’s uncle that had an eye to Kaitou Kid?
↘ Suzuki Jirokichi

5. What is the name of the bear that appeared in the case when the detective boys and agasa go to the forest and meet 3 hunters?
↘ The Single-eyed giant bear “Juubei”

6. In what case does Haibara tell Conan that Gin is left handed?
↘ “Boy Genta’s Misfortune” Episode 242

7. What did the red, yellow, and white colors mean in Episode 509?
↘ Red-Fire engine, White-Ambulance, Yellow-Construction Vehicles

8. Why does Chianti have a grudge on Vermouth?
↘ Vermouth was the one who led Calvados to his death.

9. On what episode did Conan had a nose bleed because of Ran’s “special sexy shot”?
↘ Episode 411 “The Shinto Shrine Torii’s Surprising Code (Part 1)”

10. In what episodes did Eisuke Hondou first appeared?
↘ Eisuke first appeared on episodes 429-430 “The two who can’t return anymore”

11. What is the codename Akai Shuichi and Jodie used for Vermouth?
↘ Rotten apple

12. Who is “that” person’s favorite?
↘ Vermouth

13. What was Vodka disguised as at the post-Halloween party?
↘ Zombie

14. Which classroom are the Shonen Tanteis in?
↘ I-B under Kobayashi-sensei

15. Who is the soccer player that Conan admire the most, before he killed someone?
↘ Ray Curtis

Ova9: The Stranger from 10 years

The Stranger from 10 years later

This is DC’s 2009 release, and it’s about Haibara giving Conan a new prototype drug for APTX-4869, I won’t further recapitulate this but instead check the summary here.

Im not that much satisfied with the story, simply because Conan’s actions here is so gay? or should I say.. overly exaggerated and it’s obviously a dream -_- for instance:


really LMAO. what’s with that reaction?? SOOOO GAYYYY D:

Well, can’t blame them. They are out of storylines. lol

A Divine development ♥


Detective Conan is on it’s 13th year this 2009, and never on it’s hundreds of episodes that a DIVINE development like this had happened. Im talking about our not-so lovey-dovey couple Sato and Takagi-keji <3 even on the Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story arcs, this development didn’t occurred. This was on episode 535, about the whistling man and thanks to our heroes:

Detective Boys

Our Shonen Tanteis! (Detective Boys) for making the development possible <3 Megure-keibu and company was about to interrupt Sato and Takagi again but thanks to the boys, they said that Takagi-keji just took his medicine and is sleeping so they shouldn’t bother him. And there you have it ~~~

Sato and Takagi

Sato and Takagi (2)

One reason why I watch DC for good is because I want to see how far these two can go <3

Detective Conan’s 13th movie: The Raven Chaser (Final Trailer)

A little bit late but here’s the final trailer for DC’s 13th movie: The Raven Chaser where Conan had a close encounter with Black Organization members. This was released last April 18,2009 in Japan and DVD copies will be out October-November-ish but some folks already possessed a copy.

For those who doesn’t know, DC always release a movie annually. 1st movie was released in 1997 and now reached it’s 13th movie. Every April 15th-27th of the year is their release date.