Manga Reader

This will be like a mini review on which is the best choice of gadget to use for mangas.

First, which gadget do you use when you read mangas?

As for me, I have ipad mini (16gb, wifi) and ipod touch 5th gen (lime yellow, 32gb)



I rarely use ipod touch for reading mangas because it’s too small! IMO, ipad mini is the best size if you are a bookworm/mangaworm. You dont have to zoom for a better view, its already in the perfect size.

I know there are tons of other devices that are cheaper than ipad but giving off the same quality of reading, however im basing this with what I have.

If you are still undecided which device will you have, ask yourself for your preferences. Does the portability matter to you? Screen size? Resolution? Capacity limit/Storage limit? From there you will be able to know what device is for you! Cause I’ve been there and it wasn’t easy.

I bought the ipad mini first and I was satisfied. I can read manga comfortably, I can watch movies and play games. The battery life is splendid! However, I bought the latter one for portability and social networking. Not advisable for reading mangas.

Conclusion, ipad mini is a good device for reading mangas. You just have to choose a decent manga reader app. The availability of the app varies on your country of residence. I bought the app Manga Meow for $3.8 and its worth the purchase altho for some pages it wont load but it’s not that bad.

Well, that’s all for this post. I hope this would help some of you.